• Speculation ultimately hurts long-term value prospects
  • Decentralized stuff has to provide a better end-user experience than centralized alternatives; it can’t merely be good on paper

Reference if you need it:

  • To use bitcoin as it was intended you would need to download the client software, run it to create a node, and let it sync with the network.
  • Each “block” of data is an encrypted set of transactions in a ledger and the “chainlinks” are hashes of that data.
  • “Hashes” are…

An English e-celeb promoted his brand this past week by getting plastic surgery for Korean eyes and declaring himself transracial. He’s not the first person to identify as transracial and he won’t be the last. It’s the logical cultural progression. Once it became socially acceptable and legally enforced to change one’s gender it didn’t take long for people to start questioning other facets of identity.

Everyone has their own definitions for facets of identity so to be clear I’m using these ones. Kinda the whole point of religious identity and social class identity are that they’re so malleable. It’s already…


  • despite the shame these are very positive communities for men
  • some people have genuine problems but way less than those who claim to
  • orgasms make people, both men and women, less irrational
  • prescription stimulant drugs don’t receive their fair share of blame

Feminists were the only culture war faction that advocated sex work for the longest time. As intergender relations started to break down those feminists were no longer able to secure dick. …

DISCLAIMER: This is gonna be one of my less edgy posts because this topic doesn’t intersect with the Culture War. It’s more a cultural prescription I’m offering. It’s basically a lecture on a facet of Transrightsactivism. You have been warned.

When someone asks you to describe your experience on a drug trip, what memes do you really have at your disposal? At first you might think simply recounting what happened with as much detail as possible would make sense. You’ll quickly realize there isn’t a whole lot of practical language for describing the effects you experience: “CEVs”, “OEVs”, “tracers”, and…

The main purpose of choosing my handle is to resist criticism in the same way antifa does. Anyone who tries to cancel me will be literally canceling not just a, but the Trans Rights Activist. However, I want it to be absolutely clear that I am a transgender person and I do genuinely support trans rights. Yes, even putting kids on hormones. It would be fair to say I’m not truly an activist for trans rights, at least no more than I am for any of the other ideas I champion.

I’m also switchgender which means whenever I feel like…

Homophobia and transphobia. These words are well-tread in modern society. I can guess the etymology. -philia is a suffix that roughly means you like something, -phobia is a suffix that roughly means you dislike something. The first phoneme in both suffixes are the same indicating they’re talking about the same category of thing. Furthermore some words that roughly meant dislike of a specific thing had already entered common parlance came from the psychiatric industry which made heavy use of the -phobia suffix. For most people even today -phobia seems like the natural choice.

But when we’re talking about homophobia or…

Trans Rights Activist

Trans genderfluid superstraight. They/them/theirs.

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